Technology is filtering into all areas of people’s lives. Now it is possible to have compatible appliances and fittings linked to a smart phone app that will alert you when the appliance leaks or the temperature drops to freezing so that you can phone your local plumber who can take the necessary action to deal with the leak or prevent a burst pipe.


The device is part of the Honeywell Lyric range of connected home appliances. For all drain services in Henley call JB Plumbing today.


Emergency plumbing tips
As the temperatures drop, and the night’s start to draw in it’s not long before the first frosts occur and we have to start thinking about preparing for the coming winter.

Once the heating gets turned on you start to notice those annoying draughts coming through the windows and doors!


The British weather is unpredictable and no one ever really knows what Mother Nature will provide each winter, but the fact is it will be colder and probably wetter and windier. Checking that the plumbing and heating is working properly and sorting out anything that is needed should be a priority. Here are a few simple steps you could take


1. Knowing a good local plumber could save you a lot of stress and anguish. If you’re new to the area ask your neighbours, friends and family for recommendations. Knowing what to do and who to call if you have a breakdown or a leak will save a lot of worry and time. For all Emergency plumbing in Newbury call 01189 333535.
2. Make sure you know where your stop cock is
3. Have your boiler serviced regularly
4. Lag any pipes that are vulnerable to the cold using good quality foam lagging
5. Check your pipes for leaks, inside and outside
6. Dripping taps can lead to serious problems during the winter time so it’s wise to get this fixed sooner rather than later
7. If you have a condensing boiler that has an outside drain outlet make sure it is insulated so that it get frozen in cold weather, as this could stop your heating working.
8. Make sure your heating comes on regularly to prevent the house getting too cold, as you will use more energy trying to warm it up.
9. If you are going away and leaving the house unattended, always turn off the stop cock.
10. Write down the contact details of your plumber – just in case!


Environment Agency Excellence Awards

The finalists for this award on Wednesday 24 February 2016 will present their projects, in Telford as part of the Flood & Coast 2016 conference and exhibition. All winners will receive their prizes the same evening, and the judging panel will also make an award to one outstanding project. Each project will have to be supported by the Environment Agency, and show a contribution towards protecting and improving the environment for people and wildlife.


Alison Baptiste, is the Director of Strategy & Investment at the Environment Agency said: “The Project Excellence Awards will allow those project teams who are making a significant contribution to the realisation of delivering more for the environment, embracing diversity and supporting communities to be held up to others as examples of how we want to work in the future.


“We are delighted that these awards will form a dedicated yet integral part of Flood & Coast 2016. This should give the finalists and winners the opportunity to present their projects to a much larger and broader audience than has previously been the case, and the audience will also benefit from learning about the range of experiences, technologies employed and lessons learnt.”